ARCHIVE: Getting Out of the House (Dominion Business Center profile)

Story and photograph by Pamela Price

Bobby Freeman (Image copyright Pamela Price)

This story originally appeared in the Leon Springs Community News, July 2010 edition.

The world of work is changing rapidly. Take for instance the rise of telecommuting, which is increasingly popular not only because employees enjoy the flexibility and convenience it affords but also because entrepreneurs and business owners have discovered it’s budget-savvy.

Trouble is, if you’ve spent your week working in pajamas at your “virtual office,” then your real house isn’t always presentable for clients or teleconferencing. And then there are the inevitable distractions—phone marketers, the doorbell, Facebook, telenovelas—and, perhaps most troublesome, the loneliness one can encounter when stuck at home all day.

“People want to work from home but not ‘be’ at home,” said Bobby Freeman, co-owner of the Dominion Business Center. Freeman opened the company in May with partners Ryan Kohnen and Dennis Stanko, “Sometimes when you’re working from home, you need to get out and see life, conduct some business.”

The Dominion Business Center provides support for folks in that predicament via a cheerful suite of conference-style rooms in a building at 4 Dominion Drive. The bulk of the center’s clients include computer firms, marketing and public relations professionals, entrepreneurs, and consultants. One local title company uses the site now for some closings.

“It’s a professional meeting space where my staff and I can gather. We all run virtual offices most of the time, working from home, coffee shops and restaurants,” said Debi Pfitzenmaier of PfitzPR. “Frankly, I got tired of smelling like coffee, having business meetings at restaurants and, as my business grew, I really didn’t want to continue using my home address as my business address. Dominion Business Center gave me a professional and affordable option. I can host clients there, give presentations and hold face to face brainstorming and collaborative meetings.” Continue reading “ARCHIVE: Getting Out of the House (Dominion Business Center profile)”