ARCHIVE: Summit Christian Academy Students Brighten Lives of Children in Haiti

Story by Pamela Price

 Originally printed in May 2010 issue of Leon Springs Community News

In the wake of Haiti’s catastrophic earthquake in February, one small local school challenged students to think imaginatively about how they could help survivors.

“We don’t like to sell stuff to raise funds because that gets really old, so we asked our students to create ways to give of themselves,” said Shantel Leininger, marketing coordinator for Summit Christian Academy. “We also asked the kids how many of them slept in a bed last night, and then we told them how many children in Haiti had slept in the mud, on the ground.”

Recalling her reaction to learning about the many lives lost and uprooted by the tragedy, kindergarten student Grace Doss replied, “I felt really, really sad and we were praying for them.”

“We challenged the children to go home and ask for extra chores, offer to mow neighbors lawns and pull weeds,” said Leininger. “Then, rather than taking the money for themselves, we encouraged them to donate the funds.”

Doss donated all of her chore money, earned from helping with laundry and yard work. Her parents matched her $15 donation. Other students also asked their parents to reallocate money for family dinners out and ice cream shop trips to help Haitian children, too. Continue reading “ARCHIVE: Summit Christian Academy Students Brighten Lives of Children in Haiti”