ARCHIVE: Leon Springs Salon Collects Hair for Gulf Spill

Story by  Pamela Price

This article appeared in the Leon Springs Community News (June 2010).

Jennifer Hokanson and Lauri Harris


If you think about it, the notion makes complete sense. Human hair is both renewable and porous, making it potentially useful in mopping up that nasty oil out in the Gulf.

“I first learned that human hair is being collected for the spill from my Aveda representative’s email a few weeks ago,” said Jenifer Hokanson of Salon Soliel in The Boardwalk at Leon Springs. “I thought ‘Wow, what a great idea.’”

As the salon’s owner, Hokanson wasted no time in getting started. Near the shop’s entrance sits a wicker hamper lined with an ordinary kitchen trash bag. Inside are hair clippings collected from recent clients. Once collected and combined with more hair stashed in the back of the salon, the hair will be shipped out and woven into “hair mats,” also referred to as “booms.” 

In May, Aveda began encouraging contributions to Matter of Trust, a San Francisco-based, and non-profit organization. The group regularly collects human hair—as well as animal fur and fleece–to create booms for oil spill clean-ups around the world. Matter of Trust also uses the social media site to illustrate how hair is collected and transformed into oil-sopping mops using nylon stockings. Continue reading “ARCHIVE: Leon Springs Salon Collects Hair for Gulf Spill”