The Writing Life

Nope, I didn’t write it (woulda/shoulda*), but this bit by J. Robert Lennon in the Los Angeles Times is spot on. If you write or love someone who writes, you owe it to yourself to go read it.

This is the part that most resonates with me: 

When you ask a writer a direct question, and he smiles and nods and then says “Well!” and turns and walks away without saying goodbye, he is actually working.

Yup. That’s me when I’ve got a lot of projects lined up OR am working on an idea.

Props to Colleen Vanderlinden (@C_Vanderlinden) for sending a link to Lennon’s piece.

* I spent 10 minutes deciding whether I could say “coulda/woulda/shoulda” or just “woulda/shoulda.” But Lennon’s a far superior writer to me… so went with the latter. These are the minutiae that consume me, at least until I find a typeo type-o.