Fluff Up & Promote Your FB Fan Page

A few weeks back, hoping to separate my Facebook (FB) postings into “private” and “public,” I started tweaking my garden-themed blog’s FB fan page .  Planning to use it more this spring, I wanted to work on recruiting new fans, too. Without fans, what’s the point, right? So, I tinkered. Within a week, I tripled the page’s followers–and released my high school chums from all those garden and sustainable living posts! (A few of them came with me to the page, which was very kind.)

Curiously, while I was doing this, ProBlogger was doing the same thing on FB for many of the same reasons. Might this be a trend? Yeah, I think so. Recent changes to Facebook have put fan pages into the news feed, which means independent fan pages get the same basic exposure as MSM. Because of this, as I confessed on Twitter, I’m starting to prefer my FB page to my Twitter account for my daily (over)dose of social media interaction. Shocking! Continue reading “Fluff Up & Promote Your FB Fan Page”