Book Review: Shark vs. Train

At the tender age of 4, our Tater Tot has developed a fixation on a few words. Most notably among them is “versus.” 

Maybe it’s the natural tendency among young boys* to explore their world through playful fighting, but the idea of pitting two of anything (cats, robots, cars) against one another thrills our kid. He also likes saying the word aloud and energetically, “VER-SSSUS” just, well, because. When he first fixated on “versus” as a word fetish, it came out adorably as “ver-TH-us,” but now we pronounce it correctly every time. Awww… he’s growing up.

Given Tater’s love of that word and the fact that we read several books a day, I figured it was time to add Chris Barton‘s Shark vs. Train volume to our book collection. I knew Chris (@bartography) back in high school and have reconnected with him accidentally in the last year, so I went all out  and paid full-price. (You’re welcome, Chris.)

When the book first arrived, Tater Tot didn’t seem particularly interested. He noticed the “vs.” right away, naturally. But he was sort of ho-hum. Then I showed him the book’s trailer on He’s hooked. Since we received the book earlier in the week, I think I’ve read it on average 4 times daily. Continue reading “Book Review: Shark vs. Train”