The Five People You Meet on Twitter (#4)

This li’l Twitter series of mine began with The Celebrity

The Bore

The temptation to call this category “The Spammer” is great, but that’s really too narrow a definition. Yes, it’s in this group that you’ll find the hot babes pitching their hot sites and the arguably creepier crowd promising that we can all work from home and yield millions in a year or two. But there’s also the people who only ever tweet out their own site links, conduct searches using keywords to “market” their product to specific users, use trending topics inappropriately to drive traffic to their site, or only use Twitter to find new targets for their diatribes and ramblings. Oh, and then there’s the folks that tweet the minutiae of their days.

Sub-category: People who habitually hit “update” too many times on the same tweet, whiners

Word to the Wise: Unfollow or block ’em. Or, if you’re feeling generous and know them personally to be otherwise decent folks, try to point out the error of their ways. Whatever you do, don’t feed the worst offenders by chatting about their presence or linking to their profile in your own tweeted rant. They like that.

Update: I should have mentioned that if it’s true spam you’ve encountered, you can report it to Twitter HQ Spam (@spam) via DM. You’ll need to follow ’em first.

Next in the series: The Marketer