ARCHIVE: Poetry in Nature: Rosslyn St. Clair Profile

Story and photographs by Pamela Price

This story originally appeared in the Leon Springs Community News, August 2010 edition.

Rosslyn St. Clair with her sunflowers (Image copyright: Pamela Price, 2010)


In a quiet neighborhood off of IH-10 West at the very point where the highway climbs into the Texas hill country, a local grower cultivates a variety of succulents, edible and ornamental plants to sell at San Antonio-area markets.

Because Rosslyn St. Clair’s home is also her private nursery, there’s a delightful tumble of pots, beds, greenhouses, and containers surrounding the modest house. Herbs, hanging baskets, flowers—one finds a little bit of everything in the yard. There’s visible evidence of her commitment to growing organically, too.  For example and on a recent evening, bags of leaf mulch sat near the home’s entrance, waiting to be distributed.

“I started Flor Hermosa Nursery in 1999,” says St. Clair. “My first greenhouse was my garage. I would move plants and drag them out during that first winter. I now have five small greenhouses of varying shapes and sizes.” Continue reading “ARCHIVE: Poetry in Nature: Rosslyn St. Clair Profile”