ARCHIVE: Holiday Grub Hub (Rudy’s Bar-B-Que)

Iconic Leon Springs restaurant gears up for Thanksgiving

Story by Pamela Price

This story originally appeared in the October 2010 issue of Leon Springs Community News.

We’ve yet to greet the first trick-or-treaters here in Leon Springs, but the folks at the original Rudy’s Country Store and Bar-B-Q are already gearing up for the hectic Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. This means, of course, that it won’t be too long before a familiar autumn scene appears on the IH-10 frontage road: a line of cheerful, patient adults wrapping around the historic eatery’s bright red exterior waiting for their holiday goodies.

Although Rudolph Aue’s family didn’t start serving up barbecue at their erstwhile stage stop turned gas station until 1989, Rudy’s smoked meats and trimmings have come to play a starring role in many Central Texas holiday spreads.

In fact, the upcoming holidays are among the few times each year that the Rudy’s crew departs from the restaurant’s standard menu, offering up an assortment of traditional vittles (gravy, dressing, ham, whole smoked turkeys, ham, and pie) alongside their standard and abundant creamed corn, beans, brisket, turkey, chicken, and sausage.

“It’s a family tradition, for us and our customers, to have the holiday items,” said Shannon Walsh, director of marketing. “At Thanksgiving, our most popular items are the turkeys. For Christmas, it’s the hams.”

Walsh added that although the restaurant began taking holiday orders weeks ago informally, the official start date for holiday orders was October 11. That’s a full 45 days before Turkey Day. Continue reading “ARCHIVE: Holiday Grub Hub (Rudy’s Bar-B-Que)”