To the Point: New food trailer park slated to open in spring

This story originally appeared in the January 2011 issue of the Leon Springs Community News . If you want to contact The Point Park & Eats, please contact them over there. I am not affiliated with them in any way. I am a journalist.

Story by Pamela Price

For entrepreneur Denise Aguirre, the anticipated spring launch of The Point Park & Eats across from Los Encinos on Boerne Stage Road represents the convergence of several personal interests.

“I’m just a foodie at heart. My partner, Noel Cisneros, and I are both bankers by trade. But we love to eat, and I know where I like to go-places where my family and friends like to hang out,” said Aguirre. “Our goal is to create that type of environment in Leon Springs.”

The Point Park & Eats will be the community’s first “food truck trailer park,” and only the second in metro San Antonio. As such, it can host up to four to five food trucks at any given time.  Popular in urban areas along the West Coast and a red-hot trend up in Austin, food trucks are a fun means of introducing great cooks and up-and-coming chefs to a wider audience in a casual atmosphere. Think of it as “guerilla gourmet.” (The Food Network even had a reality show last fall pitting food trucks in a mouth-watering, cross-country race.)

“I want people to understand that these trucks are not sketchy, run-down taco trucks. Our vendors will be chefs with culinary backgrounds and professional training who want to offer good food at a good price. Different trucks will offer different types of food.”

Although Aguirre will not begin recruiting vendors formally for a few more weeks, she’s already received a few telephone calls, including one from a popular area chef who wants to participate.

Such inquiries reassure Aguirre that the endeavor is a solid, timely idea.

“We’ve wanted to do this for a really long time. But I wanted to get everything just right, including the location.”

Although Aguirre lives in San Antonio, she’s come to know and appreciate Leon Springs through her relationship with Cisneros, who has family in the area. While the community’s high-concentration of middle- and upper- income families was a big draw, for Aquirre and Cisneros it was the unique qualities of the Boerne Stage Road site that sealed the deal.

“The character of this particular property, and its location are great for us,” she said. “We plan to use the old house as an ice house and bar. The previous owner did a marvelous job of keeping the natural elements in place, rocks and trees and such. We’ll keep that natural feel, even using cedar posts for the fence along the creek.”

The stone house, the site’s main hub, will also serve as an exhibition space.

“We love the downtown San Antonio arts scene, and we want to bring some of that First Friday feel to Leon Springs. We’ll lease space daily, weekly and monthly.”

In addition to celebrating food and the hill country environs, The Point Park & Eats will feature a strong family-friendly vibe.

“There’s already a basketball court in place, which we’ll keep.  There will be a big, outdoor play yard and plenty of parking.”

With an eye to a late March or early April opening date, Aguirre envisions a Fiesta Night or perhaps some “Night in Old Leon Springs”-themed activities for the eatery’s kick-off. She’s already talked with long-time area historian Marlene Richardson and hopes to connect local lore to the site.

“In the end, we want this to be a fun place to take families, where everyone can enjoy great food and kids are welcome,” said Aguirre. “I’ve got four kids and it can be hard to get them all dressed up to go to dinner. [The Point Park & Eats] will be easy on everyone, a place where the kids can have fun but the grown-ups can enjoy a good meal and wonderful conversation.”

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