Newbie Bloggers: Meet Your Time-Centric Friends

Continuing along with several recent posts on stuff that I’ve learned in two years of intense blogging, let me introduce an ordinary household device that can keep your blogging exciting:

Some of my favorite posts (example) have resulted from writing in short bursts of 15, 30 or 45 minute intervals. Yes, the end product may be raw grammatically, but there’s also a terrific energy that can come through the words, especially if you’re writing about a favorite topic with which you have direct, personal experience. Perfectionists can always save the draft and correct errors later, but I often go ahead and post right away, making corrections later. Yes, it’s a devil-may-care approach, but if you’re process-oriented with your writing and like to be transparent, you might find it fun.

Another way to add an element of time-sensitivity to your writing is to go with one of these: 

Yup, that’s a calendar. And it’s meant to suggest that an expiration date for your blog can help you keep your enthusiasm for your project up. With, three of us are blogging about our upcoming 40th birthdays with the plan to stop posting in October. Granted, we’re having so much fun that we might change our minds and keep it going, but I must say knowing that we’ve got a deadline keeps me on my toes with ideas. I like this approach so much that another blogger and I are going to try it with another site that will launch soon.

Of course, if you’ve got a topic that you want to keep running with for a long time–years, even–then a desktop (or laptop or iPhone) calendar can help you set up an editorial calendar or schedule. With it, you can pace your writing so as not to overwhelm yourself (or your readers). Having worked with a net an editorial calendar and without, I think one’s preferences can change over time and depend upon one’s topic and/or personality.

There’s no right or wrong way to blog, you know. Just have fun.

Image sources: Timer and Calendar


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