My Fave Texas Social Media Peeps (Plus Some Non-Texans, Too)

“Only connect! That was the whole of her sermon. Only connect the prose and the passion, and both will be exalted, and human love will be seen at its height. Live in fragments no longer.”— E.M. Forster, Howard’s End

We were isolated, now we’re connected. The typical individual didn’t have the time, the money or the connections to be heard just a few years ago. Today, the door is wide open… but only  the people who can touch us will step over the threshold.”–Seth Godin, Brainwashed


If you landed on this page today, odds are good that you’ve just read about my social media endeavors from the folks at the Austin American-Statesman (@statesman).

I’m deeply honored (and still a little surprised) that my work has been recognized with a Texas Social Media Award (#TSMA). Thanks!

Now I’d like to pay this terrific kindness forward by introducing y’all to a few  scant handful of my favorite Texas-based social media folks. In no particular order, they are:

Susan Tomlinson – “Dr. T” proves that there really is something “green” up in Lubbock. Her site is, hands down, my favorite Texas garden blog. That’s saying something because there are a dozen good ones, most based here in Central Texas. (You can read my review of her first book over on the site.)

The Wimberly Contingent – They don’t really go by that name–and one of ’em is from San Marcos, but that’s how I think of them. I greatly enjoy reading the musings of Deb , VirgoTex, and Becky Lane on life in the Hill Country and other matters. (And I seriously covet Becky’s “cantina garden,” even though it’s unfinished!)

Punkgardener – Heather was one of the first people to read my victory garden-themed blog, and she keeps me in the loop on what’s happening in Austin environs.

Lisa Carter – Ask her and she’ll tell you that I live the life of a college student again vicariously through her tweets and posts! She’s also one of my fellow City Brights bloggers on the San Antonio Express-News site.

Bill Lamb – He’s one of the few Twitterers I know from my hometown of Paris, Texas, and he’s also an old school journalist taking New Media head-on. As an added bonus, he shares my love of Braum’s burgers!

• Greg Harman – He’s an award-winning, San Antonio-based writer who shares all kinds of marvelous information on the enviro-beat. Note that he’s been known to tweet eco news from bars late at night. ‘Nuff said.

• Colleen Pence – She’s a S.A. social media rockstar/marketing maven who is always organizing something interesting in town. Someday I hope to actually meet her, just to prove that I’m not really a hermit. (But I might lose my air of mystery in the process. Hmm…)

There y’all have it–the core group of Texas social media people that I dig, all people with clear, authentic voices.

I hope you’ll take a look at them–plus quite  a few witty, non-Texas folks like Andrew Keys (MA), Teresa O’Connor (ID), Jean Ann Van Krevelen (OR), Ellen Malloy (IL),  Laura Livengood Schaub (CA), Shibaguyz (WA), Dani Greer (CO), Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden (VA), and–last but never leastAmanda “Kiss My Aster” Thomsen (IL), –on my ever-expanding Peeps I Dig Twitter list.

Finally, thank you for your visit today–and an extra special thanks to the A-AS judges for the TSMA award!

Namaste, y’all.

UPDATE: Three of my online heros–Rose Hayden-Smith, Roger Doiron, and Dani Greer–get a shout-out in a video at the bottom of my About page. I meant to include a link this morning, but forgot.

7 Replies to “My Fave Texas Social Media Peeps (Plus Some Non-Texans, Too)”

  1. Pamela, congratulations on your award! And thank you for your kind mention of me in this blog post. I’m honored to be on this list.

    And when we meet, if your air of mystery dissipates any, I won’t mind a bit. It’s about time we met in person. Maybe we’ll finally meet at SXSW?!

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