A Scene from the Loop

The stage at Scenic Loop Cafe
The stage at Scenic Loop Cafe

I love writing about the historic Scenic Loop/Boerne Stage corridor (exhibit A). It’s the kind of place rich with historic and contemporary characters that begs to be chronicled.

There’s one little story that I’ve never told because the right opportunity has never presented itself. Now seems like a pretty good time.

In the summer of 2008, my family went to the Scenic Loop Cafe for dinner. One of the great reasons to dine at this restaurant is that it’s kid-friendly. As is often the case, our son didn’t want to sit at the table, preferring to take a look at the action on the sprawling patio. It was warm, however, so my hubby and beloved mother-in-law (now deceased) stayed behind.

Tater Tot (my kid’s nom de web) made a beeline for the tiny wooden stage near the outdoor bar, where a couple of musicians were preparing to start their gig. I managed to persuade Tater to settle near on a long bench so we could watch them set up. Near us sat a young man and woman sipping drinks.

If memory serves, the two performers sang a little something and then asked the young man to come up on stage. This seemed a little odd. 

The fella went to the mike and gave a little speech, indicating that he’d recently reconnected with the gal beside us. She smiled and fidgeted nervously. He said they’d known each other in high school, and he wanted to sing a song from those days. And so he did.

At first, the woman seemed fairly calm. Tater was surprisingly mellow, enjoying the music. I, however, felt my belly flip-flop. Having been proposed to once myself, my whole being sensed that something magical was about to occur. A quick glance to my right revealed a gaggle of folks hiding behind some greenery, cameras in place.

Slowly, it began to dawn on her, too. She couldn’t see the paparrazzi, but I noticed a little tremble as she put her drink down.

You know the rest, don’t you? He wrapped up the song. He called her up onstage. The ring came out. A flood of people poured  out from their hiding place, cheering. He got on one knee. She said “yes.”

Tater Tot and I cheered right along with the crowd, and then went back to find our own family. For the couple, it was a night of memories and joy. For us, it was just one more interesting night along the loop.

(For my latest online article related to the Scenic Loop/Boerne Stage area, please wander over to the Yonder.)

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