My “Good Mood” Campaign

Over on Twitter, I regularly receive compliments for my positive tweets. It’s always nice to hear that kind of feedback because it means that my upbeat approach to social media resonates. (There’s enough “negative” news out there already, right?)

Well, there’s a little contest going on over at NatureMade’s to find a new “good mood” blogger. The winner gets a 6-month gig and a nice salary. To win, I’ve got to get people to vote, hence this graphic is now on my sidebar:

Vote for Me 

It’s clear that the company is looking for someone who can communicate positive energy via the website and then promote the original content via social media. Can do! If named the “good mood” blogger, I envision bringing to the blog a mix of personal experience (including quirky stuff like this), up-to-date research on cultivating a good mood, and maybe some fun interviews.

Ultimately, rather than making the blog solely about “me and my happy place,” I’d like it to be about the idea of “the good mood” and how we can cultivate it naturally–with a dash of magnanimity. (Actually, that’s the kind of approach that makes me happiest.)

I’ve already come up with some blog post topics based on my own personal experiences and interests:

  • Getting physical to lift your spirits (Hint: it’s not just about exercise, but also investing in one’s life through simple activities like gardening and cooking)
  • Cultivating positive energy during times of grief and loss
  • The ten happiest people on Twitter
  • An interview with Daniel Gilbert, author of Stumbling on Happiness

In short, I am soooo up for this… but I need a lot of help to make it just to the finals. Will you help me? Can I count on your vote? If so, then go ahead and…click here to vote.

UPDATE: Per the contest’s terms and conditions, you can vote once PER DAY per IP address through November 6. So feel free to vote once daily.

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