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At the end of a trip to Dallas with family friends, I remarked to my mother and the other lady that “This wasn’t the trip that I thought we’d have, but it was fun enough, I guess.”

I got into some serious trouble for what, near as I can tell, was my first honest, critical review. I was 10 years old, tops. You’d think I’d have learned to steer clear of writing them, now wouldn’t you?


Recently Julie over at the Yonder asked me to review a copy of Republic of Barbecue (UT Press). You can read the complete review here.

Wondering about the Facebook photo mentioned in my first paragraph? Here ya go:

Cooper's BBQ, Llano (Photo Credit: William Bova)
Cooper's BBQ, Llano (Photo Credit: William Bova)

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2 Replies to “BBQ Book Review at”

  1. I’ve ruminated over that li’l story for years. Nice to have found a place to park it (for now).

    Lately, I’ve been into the Mexican Coke, but generally it’s sweet tea (actually half sweet/half unsweet).

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