Pie Junction


Pipe Creek Junction Cafe
Pipe Creek Junction Cafe


This is a roadside eatery we spied recently on a trip to Bandera, The Cowboy Capital of the World. As soon as I spotted the converted gas station covered with white stones and the neon “Open” sign, I knew I wanted to try some of their pie. So on the way back to S.A., I popped inside for  a second, plopped down $10, and took home a apple pie. 

It was worth the stop, I tell ya. 

From what I’ve read, the catfish is pretty good, too. No word yet on the quail.

Pipe Creek Junction Cafe9878 Highway 16 South Pipe Creek, TX, 830-535-6767

2 Replies to “Pie Junction”

  1. Thank you very much for your comment about my pies. Come see us again.

    Ginger Lee
    Owner and Cook
    Pipe Creek Junction Cafe

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