The Five People You Meet on Twitter (#5)

If you’d like to see other five and want to start at the beginning, see  The Celebrity

The Marketer

Obviously, this is the person that has something to pitch/sell and is not afraid to tell us so. The Marketer  is always seeking a fresh angle on how to sell the rest of us a magazine, newspaper, a housekeeping service or Thursday’s lunch special.

For my taxonomy, tagging The Marketer was complex because, of the five types, these folks are most likely to overlap with the other categories. The worst of the lot breed are not found here but over with The Bores. The best are found with The Real Deals–and the best of the those (“the best of the best”) are what I consider to be  Marketing Mavens. (For an example of a maven, see Colleen Pence (@colleenpence) who mixes business and pleasure tweets with grace on the account for her social media marketing biz.) A few more marketers are embedded in with The Crusaders.

The ones in the middle are pretty much left here, having joined Twitter because everyone else has so… why not? Eventually, once they’ve either got the hang of it on their own or sought out some advice from a successful Twitterer, a few folks will move out of this category. It’s not difficult, really.

Sub-Categories: The blogger up the street; That clueless guy/gal in your office who manages the Twitter account because the boss said “So-and-so is on Twitter now. We need to be on Twitter!”

Word to the Wise: It’s no big secret that people regard Twitter as a marketing tool to sell their widget, thingamabobs, ideas and blogs. Not a darn thing wrong with that in principle. If you’ve got a good something and people want good somethings, then you gotta find a way to close the gap. Makes sense.

The trick comes in how you close the gap. And the best marketers do that by being authentic. Sure, that’s kinda, well, vague. But it’s precisely because you can’t fake authenticity that it’s valuable. Show me a  Twitter account where the content reflects the voice and presence of an actual person (or two…or a squirrel), and I’ll show you an account that people may follow even if they’re not sure they’re in the  market for what you’re selling right now.

So, make an off-the-cuff observation on your way back from lunch, RT someone else’s worthwhile message unrelated to your sales pitch, respond to a follower–in a word: connect. You’ll feel better about Twitter and, I think, get better results. (And psssst... those two followers you lost the last time you “got real” were most likely spammers who had their accounts shut down. Odds are that no one took offense at your disdain for the Cabernet you tried on vacay. Remember: Real Deals don’t fret a few lost followers–it’s part of the experience. Try again.)

Oh, and if you are a self-declared “Internet marketing expert”* but have fewer than 500 followers and only joined Twitter three weeks ago, then you really aren’t an Internet marketing expert. So, no, we won’t follow you until you remove that ridiculous assertion from your profile and background. Win us over by being a good Twittizen and try to trot out that “expert” label for yourself in a few months, will ya?


*Incidentally, I’m  not a marketing expert–Internet or otherwise. 

2 Replies to “The Five People You Meet on Twitter (#5)”

  1. Pam, what a great series! I really enjoy your shoot-from-the-hip style; guess that makes you a ‘Real Deal’ AND a ‘Crusader’ AND a bit of a ‘Celebrity!’ Certainly NEVER a bore, and if you are marketing anything it is quite inseparable from your own impeccable brand. Nicely done!

  2. Thanks, Laura. You’re very kind. I’m glad to have finally put all the things that I was thinking into one series and put it to bed. And that people have actually read it and RT’d it… well, that’s a kick in the seat!

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