The Five People You Meet on Twitter (#4)

This li’l Twitter series of mine began with The Celebrity

The Bore

The temptation to call this category “The Spammer” is great, but that’s really too narrow a definition. Yes, it’s in this group that you’ll find the hot babes pitching their hot sites and the arguably creepier crowd promising that we can all work from home and yield millions in a year or two. But there’s also the people who only ever tweet out their own site links, conduct searches using keywords to “market” their product to specific users, use trending topics inappropriately to drive traffic to their site, or only use Twitter to find new targets for their diatribes and ramblings. Oh, and then there’s the folks that tweet the minutiae of their days.

Sub-category: People who habitually hit “update” too many times on the same tweet, whiners

Word to the Wise: Unfollow or block ’em. Or, if you’re feeling generous and know them personally to be otherwise decent folks, try to point out the error of their ways. Whatever you do, don’t feed the worst offenders by chatting about their presence or linking to their profile in your own tweeted rant. They like that.

Update: I should have mentioned that if it’s true spam you’ve encountered, you can report it to Twitter HQ Spam (@spam) via DM. You’ll need to follow ’em first.

Next in the series: The Marketer

5 Replies to “The Five People You Meet on Twitter (#4)”

  1. Thanks for the insight! As a “newbie tweep,” I’d like to think I fall into the “Real Deal” category, occasionally wandering over into the “Crusader” world…

    With your help, I will stay “real” and focused! One of our local tweeps asked the question just this week: “Is it so wrong to want to grow your followers organically? Who wants a bunch of spammers!”

    I couldn’t agree more…

    1. “Slow tweeting” has been proposed, I think, by at least one blogger. =)

      When I first joined Twitter, the “culture” was to reciprocate follow all but the most hardcore spammers. It was just good manners. As Twitter has mushroomed, I find that I’m more careful about whom I follow.

      That said, if one is too cautious about whom one follows, then we loose some of the “thrill” of tweeting–specifically the accidental revelations resulting from encountering a mish-mash of styles and content. It can be an experience not akin to dropping someone into the heart of a big city.

      Of course, some people prefer the country.

      My more cavalier approach has led me to meet some interesting people that I might have missed otherwise. I also think that the 80/20 rule applies… rarely more than 20% of the tweets that I read any given day resonate. To each her own.

      1. Looks like my gmail linked you to my “1st try” at establishing a Twitter identity: @orlandofoodie.

        Expanded my content shortly thereafter, though, and actively use @RobinLeRoyKyle (included linked g-mail here). Hope you will follow, as I’m enjoying your creativity and would love to be able to respond/reciprocate from time to time. Found you on FB as well…. thanks for your willingness to offer a newbie some advice. I feel I’ve stumbled upon an interesting person on a street corner in that proverbial big city! :o)

  2. Robin –

    Try following these two tweeters:

    @Pistachio – She’s social media expert-y, yes. But I followed her early on because she mixed private and personal life in an interesting (sometimes painful) way. (She tweeted about the aftermath of her divorce.)

    @SeasonalWisdom – She’s newish but tweets really well. Plus, I think you’ll have a lot in common.

  3. Pamela,

    Found them this morning, and now following. I like what I see, especially Pistachio’s profile.

    Thanks so much! (Oh, and did the rain finally fall??)


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