The Five People You Meet on Twitter (No. 2)

This series began with The Celebrity.

The Real Deal

With follower counts ranging from 10 to 10,000 or more,* these are the workhorses of Twitter–the folks who make it worthwhile to log on and catch up.  Whether they’re sharing random facts:

I just now found out that Donkeys can withstand more radiation than humans!–@emilyoftexas

or pointing out the obvious: 

Nothing says “wake the $@! up!” like finding a scorpion crawling on the hem of your shorts.–@dasparky

… it’s these authentic, articulate tweeters who make many of us rant and rave at those who brand Twitter as “narcissistic.”

At their best, Real Deal feeds read like diaries, offering glimpses into everyday life on our planet as the authors know it. Sometimes Real Deals wax philosophical, and at other times they’re simply telling the world they’ll see the 6 pm showing of Transformers with their cousin Leo. On occasion, they get political but seldom in an annoying or off-putting way. Some of them can be snarky and provocative, but you’ll never worry about what dirty pictures might pop up without warning in their shared links (unless you’re into that, and then… okay!). 

The best of the lot share the progress and process of their work–be it canning veggies, stretching a canvas, working the crime reporting beat, staging uprisings and protests, or prepping for their next presentation. 

Real Deals are helpful, too. They can point you to a good restaurant, plumber, doctor, vacation destination. They’re quick to post a link to a worthwhile news story that you really do want to read. They retweet regularly and thank others for doing the same with their own tweets. They’re good about chatting with followers and know when to take a conversation over to DMs. They never, ever use auto-DMs to thank followers for signing on to their feeds. And they can make a great, off-the-cuff joke in 140 characters or less.

Whether you’ve known ’em since grade school or have never actually met them face-to-face, these are the people that put the “ville” in Twitterville. God bless ’em every one.

Subcategories: artists, reporters, physicians, bloggers, butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers.

Word to the Wise: They do pretty much everything right, with an occasional forgivable error. As for the rest of us, we need to find and follow more of them.

Know a Real Deal on Twitter? Do tell!

Next in the series: The Crusader 

*Most well-established, successful Real Deals have a few hundred to a thousand followers, maximum. An exception: Laura Fitton (@pistachio), with over 30,000 followers.

4 Replies to “The Five People You Meet on Twitter (No. 2)”

  1. Deb – It was pretty easy. I decided to pick the two tweets that had stood out for me most in the previous 24 hour period. Voila–you and Emily!

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