Roadside Foodies

Blanco Courthouse Square
Blanco Courthouse Square

Much buzz is circulating about farmer’s markets, which are flourishing nationwide even in the recession. Yet in Central Texas one is just as likely to purchase from a roadside vendor.

Here a pickup truck on the Blanco town square is filled with watermelons.

Fresh is fresh, right? Enjoy the summer, y’all.

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3 Replies to “Roadside Foodies”

  1. Food is food is food, whether from a roadside stand or a big box. Except when purchased from the roadside, it’s more likely the money stays in the community and the “embodied energy” from shipping it from who-knows-where makes it the more sustainable way to go. Thanks for shining a light!

  2. Thanks so much for the comment, Billy. The guy in the photo was parked in that same place during the Blanco Lavender Fest last year. Note how there are “sample” melons with little spoons. Excellent marketing!

    Although I’m pretty confident those are “his” homegrown melons, several roadside stands here are falling prey to a problem found in farmer’s markets: “non-local” food sold alongside (or in place) of local.

    Too often unwary consumers assume that all produce at these set-ups is local, but I’m sure you agree that it’s important to ask the provenance of all products at every booth or stand–until one’s certain of the seller’s legitimacy.

  3. Oops, that’s actually a gal in the picture– the vendor’s wife! She was out there yesterday, too–just like last year. And in the sweltering heat.

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