The Victory Garden 3.0


VictoryGarden425X319This story originally appeared online at Horticulture Magazine. I especially loved the Victory Garden 3.0 graphic that they created. You can download it as wallpaper, too.


The Victory Garden: Getting Started in Your Backyard

Story By Pamela Price

Over the last few years, the notion of reviving the old Victory Garden concept has gained traction online and in the mainstream media. Cultivating one’s own food as our grandparents once did—and thereby ensuring its safety, quality and availability for our families—is both nostalgic and practical in an age where food security and safety issues are top-of-mind. 

Prominent authors and activists such as Michael Pollan, Barbara Kingsolver and Alice Waters have helped fuel interest in the revival. They’ve argued that homegrown food is both more delicious and, well, “green.” Likewise, the initiative to put a vegetable garden back on the White House lawn has inspired many folks. 

And then there’s the economy…and a deep hunger for less expensive food.Nightline recently ran a well-received story about the resurgence of backyard gardening in these tough financial times.

Ultimately, just like WWI and WWII-era efforts, the current revival’s success will hinge not upon high-profile endorsements or government programs but upon the muscle and moxie of ordinary home gardeners like you and I.
The potential for more involvement in every American community is tremendous.

Will you do your part? Will you join the revival? (Read more on the magazine’s site)

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